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My Gig not getting order from last 7 day

Hello Everyone ,

My Audit report gig not getting sales from last 8 days. Let me know the suggestion What should i do to get more sales.

Reply to @janrawson: thanks, Jan! Just realized I had misread your above message, however. As far as the “keywords” themselves that we pick to list below our Gig, I saw a post this week that they’re currently not fully functional - most likely because of the recent changes to their SEO structure when they reorganized writing gigs. I think the best bet is to hang tight on the keywords until the dust settles from this week’s software changes.

You can do same as you do for website promotion(if have one) ,it is same for any sales.

First you must generate some traffic and keyword rich content will help but need also spent some time to share it on social networks,forum discusions are good also and why not include e-mail marketing campain(opt in offcourse).I sugest to start keyword research campain so you can include the most relevant keywords and to find some low competition keywords for your content.

Hi @mallika255 - just commented on a similar post from another fellow Seller here. See the discussion board at:

In short - use this time to regroup and brainstorm on ways to improve, or add to, your offerings.

Hi David

My orders have slowed down so i checked my keywords and did a search on my own gigs. My keywords dont work. Try pumping in your keywords and see if you can find your gig.

That could be the problem. Dont know how to fix it though.


Reply to @janrawson: I’m showing up on the first 3 or 4 hits when I type in “editor,” so I’m trying to not screw this up. I’ve made sure to not sneeze all week…!

Ha well a least you can rule that one out then. Hope you get loads and loads of orders.



I once had a run of two weeks without a single order, sometimes, sales just drop off like that, and then come back. I wouldn’t worry too much, unless you have other, more significant and obvious problems.

That stinks. Sorry to hear you’re not making the sales you want. If you think it’ll help, though, you can check out this list of 32 tips and tricks I learned as a new seller on my way to level 2. It’s right here on the forum: I’m not sure that all of the tips will help you in your seller category, but maybe you’ll see something that’ll work? Good luck.

try to re write your ad

Me too

Thank You everyone.

I’m not being sarcastic, but as an SEO & internet marketing specialist, shouldn’t you know how to improve your own impressions and sales?

That being said, orders come and go in phases on Fiverr. There’s no reason to assume anything is wrong that you can affect one way or another. :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing: welcome back, M - we missed you!

Reply to @itsyourthing:

As and SEO expert i did my work . But its not working on fiverr Like Google. i was doing good without any negative effect its gone.

Thank You very much everyone. again i started getting order.

Reply to @david388: Thanks! I missed being here! (Just not the Fiverr shenanigans.) :wink:

Reply to @mallika255: Yeah, and that’s what my last paragraph in my comment was about.

Fiverr is screwy. Even if one does everything, exactly the way it should be done, there’s no accounting for what may happen via the platform itself.

All anyone can do is follow standard ‘best practices’ and hope that it helps. It’s incredibly important to advertise off of Fiverr to drive traffic to your actual profile or specific gigs, and not rely on the functionality of this site.

Reply to @mallika255: Hi, can i know what did you do that you’re receive again orders ?

Reply to @vollturi:

I did nothing for that. Just some social Share.