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My gig not getting orders

I am a new user on fiverr and I am not able to get orders, can anybody visit my ID and suggest me what should i do


You have only one gig. The gig image isn’t attractive and doesn’t explain what service you are offering.

You need to create more gigs based on your area of expertise. You also need to change gig image to attract more buyers.


You need to create more gig with attractive image,seo,nice description, tittle. Then hope you will get response.
Happy freelancing

Your new gig image isn’t attractive . You need to create more gig with attractive design.Thank you

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Your gig images does not inspire confidence to order and the first 2 are just the same concept (I think).
you also offer unlimited revisions and unlimited images on you gig. If you go through the post in the forum, you’ll realize this isn’t a good idea. 2 revisions should be adequate.
Read up on previous forum post.

start with this :point_down:

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Hi buddy,

Write a good gig description with propar keywords research so your gig rank


Its not about orders and money,
Its about HELPING other people,
Change your mindset and hopefully you will get an order soon.
Have a great day.

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