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My gig not live

My fiverr gig is not live. what can i do. give me some tips ??

Have you published it yet? If so and it’s not in search engines it may take a bit of time. It may need to be reviewed by staff first.

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When did you last edit your gig ?

Thanks for your help. I am publishes my gig 2 days ago. but my gig impration 0. what can i do.

It may not be in the index yet. You could search for it to see if it is. Also there is probably a delay with the impressions figures (eg. they may be about a day out of date).

If it doesn’t appear in in the search engine in a few more days you could always ask support about it.
But really I think it’s just normal to take a bit of time (eg. a few days) to start appearing (eg. will take them a bit of time to review it before it gets added to the search index).


thank you very much for your information!

You mean your gig is not in the gig list, right?
Try to contact Fiverr support. Tell them your problem. I have done it many times when my gig is not in the list. They will help you.

3 month no work :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for your information.

Wait at least 48 business hours.


you need to advertise your gigs.

Like share in social media

yes. I am everyday do sharing