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My gig not ranking even after getting impression, click & view


I am facing a huge problem. I am promoting my gig in social media and blog media. I am getting view, click & impression but the ranking of the gigs not changing. Even my one new gig is getting satisfactory impression, click & view but it’s position is at last since last 3 days. Is there any reason here. Actually I cannot understand what I have to do. Please suggest me if there are any experienced guys here.


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I don’t think your position will change very much if you aren’t accumulating any sales.


your gig isnt ranking even after getting impression, click & view

because the ranking is based on performance, and performance is based on sales with good reviews


how would we get sales when no ranking? It’s something like which came first egg or hen?


Fiverr isn’t a place where you create a gig and earn orders.

If you want to get orders, you must promote your service, like in any other place of the world.

Fiverr is just a platform where you can provide your service. Then with the time, if you do a good job, probably your gig will get a better ranking, where you will be able to get organic traffic and potential orders.

I don’t think so that someone is going to buy some services from facebook, twitter or other social media platform where everywhere is a large pool of such promtional comments. And most of the time, I have read on forums that they actually never got any sales by sharing their gigs on social media

You don’t need to think, but there is.

I got sales from sharing on social media time ago. I built my clients chart and I’m not on need of this for now.

If you don’t promote your service, your potential buyer wont know you exist.

Creating a gig a waiting isn’t the answer.

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