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My GIG not sell... Why?

I have 3 GIGs for 4-5 months but no sell. Why?? How can i sell my gig. Please Help me.

Phrase your sales pitch to align with the target audience which is native English speaking. Bad grammar creates a bad impression. Also, there is no silver bullet to grab more orders, we are all in the same boat. Just put your best foot forward and wait for sales. It usually takes time for new sellers to take off. Use the buyer requests tactfully and you can convert leads from there if you aren’t getting favorable response from organic search results.

Most likely because of the first impression and the fact that most buyers expect good communication skills. Therefore at least a good basis in English is necessary. Especially if your gigs have anything to do with technology of whatever kind.

You pretend to speak fluent English and can’t write one single sentence without error.
The only sentence without flaws in your post here is “Please help me.”

Thus, as you assume to be fluent in English and you aren’t, buyers can assume that all your other skills, mentioned in your gigs and profile, are bold assumptions as well.

This is the most likely cause why you don’t get sales so far.

Description and Gig images is the main key. You need to use perfect description in your gig and use images which can attract client’s attention. 2nd thing is communication skill. Try to communicate with client fluently.