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My gig not showing in fiverr search


I tried searching my gig in Fiverr search engine but I can not see it anywhere in recommended and New section.

I tried searching without logging to account.

Any idea?

Even new gig not showing, Even unique gig not showing. Its like they have disabled my account to show any gigs in search. Anyone have any idea? No reply from support from many days.

Social Media likes/follows/friends etc. are allowed until complaints come in, but those gig types are generally not in Fiverr’s editorial focus. You will need other supported gigs to stay on Fiverr long term.

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Thanks for info.
I see there are other lot of gigs always visible, and there are no complaints on my gigs.
Hope to see it somewhere once I get some reviews.

Your gigs won’t appear in the search results. Fiverr doesn’t like gigs that sell views, likes,… anymore, because they break third party terms of service and are, basically, scams.
They’re gradually removing all of them from the searches. If you want to sell that, you’ll have to find your own buyers outside of Fiverr.

hey, did you get any reply from fiverr or found the reason for this?

Well, I think it’s because your gig tags are “carton” “nice” “image”… I don’t think a lot of people would use those in the search bar, most especially “carton” when you mean cartoon… Your delivery time is also 29 days… Who in the world would want to receive their portrait after 29 days when someone else can deliver in less than a week?

Also, is that really your profile picture?

If you’re talking about your youtube views gig not appearing in the search, I don’t think Fiverr promotes these kinds of stuff thus resulting to your gig not appearing when you search for it.

You can always try to talk to Customer Support to explain it to you as well, for you will only get a clear and definite answer from them.

me too :frowning: