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My gig not showing on any page upon search

Hello, I’m new here, I’m just wondering that my Gig doesn’t show upon searching when my brother wanted to see it…He tried to search it which is in Graphic Design and illustration anime manga but it doesn’t show, so I tried to open a different browser and try to search it and indeed it doesn’t show upon checking each page first to last, I wonder why coz my Tag and Description is just the same from other in those Gig…I hope someone can help me about this…


How many days have you published your gig here . Title description and tag are the most important thing about ranking your gig . If your gig rank you can easily find it on the page . Check your gig impression and clicks .

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Here are a few things that you can do to improve your ranking on Fiverr:

  1. Avoid Warnings - Your profile and gig may be promoted less if you receive warnings.

  2. Avoid Late Deliveries, Cancellations, & Low Ratings - Your ranking will be lowered with every late delivery and cancellation that you have. Try to deliver prior to your deadline and give your buyers exceptional work to avoid buyer requested cancellations and reviews that will muddy the name of your profile to other potential buyers.

  3. Use the Right Tags & Titles - Your profile should be kept updated with tags and titles that bring you more customer traffic. Take a look through successful profiles in the type of business that you provide to learn about how you can update your profile (but don’t copy their gigs!). NOTE: Your gig won’t be displayed immediately after updating it as it should be checked by the Fiverr staff.

Those are just a few things to keep in mind for keeping your gigs in the public eye; hope this helps!

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Sir thank you, I will try to change my tag and title, it might be the problem…