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My gig not showing up? Did I do something wrong?

Hey! So, I made a gig a couple of days ago titled “I will help you learn Portuguese”, originally “I will teach you Portuguese”. Either way, I’ve tried finding my own gig on an incognito tab to see how far down it would be but when I type “learn Portuguese” into the search bar there is only one gig there and it’s not mine. Am I missing something?



when I type “learn Portuguese” into the search bar

If you want your gig to show up when people search for that phrase, you should include it in your title, gig description and tags. At the moment, it’s only in your title.

Of course, this is just best practice. There are still, unfortunately, no guarantees your gig will show up where you want it to.


Thanks so much! I will do that.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

If you look at the gig of the seller you mentioned, you’ll see she has some variation of “learn” and “Portuguese” in her title, description and tags. So that’s likely to be why her gig is showing where it’s showing.

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