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My GIG not showing up in any search result

Hey Everyone!

I have a GIG related to wordpress website development.

I have 5 tags. From my other laptop, I searched each tag one by one and I used filters “online and Country Pakistan”, Since I was online from other laptop and im from Pakistan, so it should have worked But I couldn’t find my GIG under any search tag I had provided in the GIG.

Any help?




Search your gig with your Gig Title, it will appear on 1st or second page.

Thank you.

Hey rahdil,

I tried, its still not showing up :frowning:

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Then contact to support, they will definitely help you.

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Did you edit your gig again and again?? This issue could be create when you edit your gig consistently.

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Long leave also can cause this issue.

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What will be the solution, brother?

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Use proper Title. Also, keep experimenting with changing keywords

Good luck.

Thank you,

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Best solution is CS only, brother.

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Yes I contacted CS, but haven’t received any reply from them yet.

Yes I edited the gig few times in past 2 days, can it be the issue? how can it effect its visibility on the search page brother? :confused:

It can effect because its an immature step in the business manners and might be possible that it could be against terms and conditions.

Contact CS again.

Maybe you edited your GIG recently if is that then it will take some time to visible your gig on search list

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Yeah I think that is the problem, lets wait for CS’s reply :frowning:

Do you know how many days to wait approx for visible the gigs?

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Dear, If CS reply to you, pleases let me know what are their explanation.


Try to rank for a long tail keyword first and then go for the short tail keywords.


This was their reply.

The Gig was reviewed and reindexed within the search at this time. Please let us know if you require further assistance.

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