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My gig not showing up on any page in search?

Affiliate website Content

I am not talking about first page, I mean … Any page.

Please go ahead and try find me.

Any ideas?

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I actually paused another gig and then copied and created this one, to see if it was a form problem.

Both not showing up.

In my stats only MY desperate clicks and views are showing. No impressions.


Nobody with a solution?

make sure your keywords are right

it should show in Category of new sellers(in reference to your gig type-(keywords)) if it’s not showing - try knocking on CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTER …

i think that take a some time to on… make sure your gig keywords and description is right.

@kinjan I’m not sure if you noticed this when you posted the reply, but this thread is 3 years old.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.