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My Gig Not Showing

I am in fiverr since Dec"16. I this time I have complete my gigs perfectly and trying for order. My gigs are now complete. I am struggling for order. I advertising my gigs daily in a order. But recently I have face some problem. Despite being online, my gig does not showing in online page. There are less showing the buyer’s request in my account.
I seek valuable advice from experienced and responsible people.


If you recently created or edited your gigs, they are probably just still in review. :slightly_smiling_face: It can take up to 48 hours for them to appear in the search results.


It’s not really that I’ve edited gigs a long time ago. I have been in this problem for a long time.

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please search your gig based on your gig title.

I tried a lot to find the problems. But I did not find any problem.

I think your gigs are not approved by fiverr editorial team.

You can contact support team and ask the reason. Fix them and then ask again the fiverr editorial team to review your gigs.

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This is a bug. so many users facing same issue.

Please contact fiverr customer support. I have one open ticket for same issue.


I’m having the same issue :frowning: I think I may wait a few days and then email customer support.

NOOOO. Email them now. they have to know how many seller are facing this problem.

Just change your gig tags… I was facing the same problems… But after changing gig tags then my gig appears on search!! Thanks…


Hi, I’m having the same issue. I will wait some days and then email customer support. Thanks

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Try to change “sort by” when you search your Gig.
There are 3 categories in sort by tag. Are you a New arrival choose it. I find my Gig on Recommended category.

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How did you solve the gig?please answer me

how much time it takes to show up again ?

I got my GIGS approved by weeks. I even could see statistics about impressions, clicks and viewes (when it was working) those are getting, but… if I go to search on the site as a buyer can’t see any of them… despite I spent hours scrolling up each page, one by one…
There’s something unclear on this website… something that it seems not working at all!

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