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My Gig not Visible on search

Hello I am facing an issue that I am not getting any sales since few days as my gig is not visible on search page. Please help me that how I can bring it back on search page. In my Gig list its Live and active.

hey, im facing the exact same issue since 1 month now and fiverr customer service is not helping with it.

Same thing happens to me for almost a month and CS is not helping either.

To make sure that your gig is truly hidden and inactive you need to go to the help and support centre. From there you’ll be able to see exactly what the issue with your gig is.

From your dashboard -->Help and Support (at the bottom) --> Levels, Warnings and Status --> Gig Status.

From the dropdown menus you can then select your gig and see it’s true status.

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Thank you for the advice @ryansmith459

I have the same problem and now I know exactly why. 30 days for moderation, I thought Fiverr was as responsive as the sellers.

Your Gig status is: Pending
Your Gigs is not displayed in the search results pages in the marketplace since is is currently being moderated by our Trust and Safety team. The moderation process may last up to 30 day