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My gig offers a list of suppliers, how can I make sure the buyer doesn't copy then asks for a refund?

I’ve never offered a gig on Fiverr before. So forgive my lack of knowledge. How can I avoid giving up proprietary information to a buyer? What if they purchase my list, copy and paste onto their own excel sheet and ask for a refund? How can I avoid this from happening?

you should not give excell before, just give them image what can not copy easily

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Well, I gave someone a list via PDF and they took it and cancelled the order right after. Just like I knew he would. He got everything via PDF. Not excel.

Actually fiverr priority mostly buyer. For the reason some buyer as working as broker and work as these team to create problem. I think fiverr must check the issue

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You delivered the list via the ‘Deliver Now’ button, correct? If so, deny the cancellation and quote the relevant section of the ToS and the conditionals of your gig.

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