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My Gig Photo Stolen Again! :(


I mean where is the creativity? I found a photo that has the very same style, wording, and layout as of my main photo. And on top of it, the photo was done by a popular seller offering gig photos. It’s crazy. :frowning:

Note my photo is the bottom one.


Oh, that’s nasty - they tried re-creating your image so that it doesn’t look 100% identical, hoping that a recreation is not the same as copying, and that Fiverr will not see a problem :frowning: I bet they didn’t even purchase the background image, which is part of a famous mockup kit.

Creativity is doomed, so many try to get away with no work, stealing & get the quick cash :cry:


How’d you find out about this?


Actually, the seller that used that photo was banned. But I found it in the live portfolio of another seller which is in the top section for creating gig photos. I don’t know if I should contact that seller and explain him, that next time if he gets a request for copying the gig photo of another seller, that he should politely say “No, but I will create something even better” or something along those lines.

It’s evident that it’s a clear copy even the background photo is similar. At least he could’ve left made the green rectangle to united behind both “Social and Media”

You are right they are for the quick cash.

@thecreativeguys - I was scrolling and checking the portfolios of sellers that offer gig photos as I had an idea to create a gig like that.

EDIT: I contacted the seller. I will do a copy paste of his reply.


At least he took the time (or paid the money) to recreate it. Most people just steal mine exactly as-is :disappointed_relieved:

I doubt the seller who made it will be turning down any jobs, but you can give it a shot. Look on the bright side: the copycat has been banned! :smile:


It is true that is not 100% the same, but I believe that you still can report it. This is plagiarism !


@sydneymorgan - I told him when people ask him to copy a gig photo from another seller to tell them “I won’t be able to do the same thing, but I can provide you with something unique and a lot better”. I have found also people that steal mine as-is, but I always report those sellers. Yep glad he was banner or he/she blocked me so I won’t be able to see their profile. :smiley:

@fidan06 - Yep it’s still a plagiarism. I contacted the seller, if he doesn’t respond I will have to contact customer support.


I have reported up to 40 gigs. Last 7 gigs it’s been 8 days and support still don’t make any action… ticket is still open. Two top sellers are using some of my posters in graphicriver and in my personal website/blog. Please let me know in case you will report in CS and tell me if they will do something because currently they are ignore me. :smiling_imp:


Damn. They steal everything. You know it’s a shame to see a top seller in graphic design category to steal portfolios.


That’s why I am very pissed off. My gigs should be in recommend and not these with plagiarism or copyright but what is worst is that CS is not respond. It’s like they are bored with me and they can’t remove all gigs.


Maybe it will take some time because they need to go through 7 gigs. Last time when I reported the got back to me in a few hours. It’s a shame for those who steal.


Man, I just went through the same thing! I reported him and he ended up getting banned which was a relief, but now I’ve stumbled onto a NEW problem with people copy/pasting my gig description verbatim. Been contacting people all day lol.


Here is another topic from me that you might like. It is about my conversations with the copycats.


You must have read my mind because I was just reading that thread lol.


My demo videos are stolen quite a bit. I’m kind of burnt out reporting it or contacting the thief. When i find one, 3 more pop up. I thought about redoing all my videos and at the end of the video put something like “this video was created and is owned by XXX at XXXXX” Something like that. I think reporting it to CS and trying to stop it is a never ending job and one I just don’t have the time or even the desire to do.