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My Gig Photo Stolen

Hello there!
I am new on Fiverr, but I am experienced designer.
I worked on a few freelance platforms during 13 years.
My portfolio on Dribbble *********.

I just registered here to start with selling my designs, but I found here that one from the deigners use my Logo Design on his GIG, downloaded from my Dribble portfolio.
I contacted the support regarding this:


The info on my report ticket say that this issue is solved, but my designs are still on this designer GIG.

Is there someone who can help me regarding this?

P.S. In this designer GIG’s almost all designs are stolen from Dribbble.

Thank you!

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And what fiverr support replied to you?

Most likely the passed this information to trust and safety team for a review.

It will be faster to report this kind of things with a report button on the gig itself.

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Hello @mariashtelle2
Thank you for your response.
At last the support deleted his GIG, after ten days and three reports + this post.
It’s hard to see someone else stealing your designs and presenting them as his own.
Have a nice day!
Happy designing! :slightly_smiling_face: :sunny: :beach_umbrella:

This guy again attached my logo on his GIG!!!

Report him again (with a report button on his gig)
That will be faster will take them a couple of days but they for sure will take an action.

And most likely they will ban him this time.

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Unfortunately, I tried this option for report, with this button, but my design is still in his portfolio…
Thank you for your response.

You can again contact fiverr support and report the seller’s profile .

You can contact fiverr cs through this link

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Thank you for your response.
I already reported him 5 times, but they just changed status of my report to “solved” but they didnt removed my design from his portfolio.

Because you need to use a report button :wink:
They wouldn’t give you any response but in some days they are giving warnings to change their gig or removing gig completely

With a report button you also can attach a link to your gig with original image.

It also might be that they warned him and he just again uploaded your picture.

Just report him again.


I am not understanding why the seller still using your design. When fiverr support has removed your design from the seller’s portfolio ,the seller got a warning for using copyright content.One warning can ban a seller account . Or sometime three warning restrict and ban a seller account… Now if the seller is still using your design then contact fiverr CS and report that gig . Sometime fiverrr CS take time to response but do not worry they will reply . And do not create multiple tickets otherwise those will be marked as solved .

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Thank you @mariashtelle1 @jhakz1234
I just don’t understand that he sold maybe 200 logo designs on Fiverr and he still use my design in his portfolio. Maybe his all designs are just stolen, not designed by him.

have you tried approaching the seller? Tell them the design is yours and remind them that the initial gig was taken down after a copyright report

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I contacted him and he told that will remove this design within an 48h (10 days ago) !!??
He just playing with this…

New sellers keep stealing the picture of one of my gigs all the time for years now. At first, I used to report them one by one, but I don’t even bother anymore. Anyone who belive he can succeed by stealing is doomed to fail :wink:

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I just registered this design on Canadian Copyright Office (CIPO), as annex to my existing copyrighted projects.
After I posted a link to support, with my already copyrighted projects (where is now included this update with my graphic design), the support has removed his GIG.
Thank you guys for your support!

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