My gig photos disappeared!


I am a new arrival , yesterday i put some pictures for my gig , and after a few hours i deleted them and put them again but with another order … and now they are gone …

anyone that can help?


I have been on fiverr for about a month. I am facing same problem with my videos since this morning. The thumbnails are missing. Also I noticed that many other users in the search have lost thumbnails too. :frowning:


Tips for this thread: The image problem is affecting multiple people. Luckily that is a lesser issue so just wait it out. Regarding speed and trust, I’m not going to try and pull the wool over your eyes. Fiverr does not have a huge staff and they are not superheroes. Sometimes they are slow and like you, they get frustrated. Given time, though, they will get things fixed.


got the same problem too, half of my pictures lost… Lets see if it gets fixed as its a major problem that will effect sales…


This is happening to all, I am sure fiverr will fix this very soon.


I have the same problem!((


Reply to @estudio247: Well , then probably fiverr have some problems updating the pictures/videos , we will wait until they solve this :confused:


Reply to @estudio247: Don’t worry friend. Fiverr will handle all of these issue quickly. Trust on Fiverr. This is the only one place where we can trust. :slight_smile: