My gig position down in one night hero to zero


hi everyone
my gig last night show the top page of fiverr but next morning he is appear on 20th number page of fiverr.i don’t change tag tiltle etc…
whats the problem
thanks advance


The problem is the fiverr algorithm.

In the past we used to get on top because we were performing better than all those behind us. Nowadays we see amateur and just arrived gigs on top of best selling.

The algorithm rotated to place these gigs there, and it may rotate to place others too.

Unfortunately our placements on gigs ranking isn’t more based on our true performance. It is dynamic, but it’s sooo dynamic that it became nonsense.


thanks to share your information


I’m sure it’s beacuse of Fiverr’s algorithm. It’s stupid, but I don’t think you can do anything besides waiting, and hoping you will get back in.