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My gig position on the first page but there are no impressions

Hi, all my loving Fiverr mates,
I am new in Fiverr. I have created a gig some days ago. The gig ranks on 1st page and the position is 48. But there are impressions only 53 based on the last 7 days. I think this impression totally made by me.
My question is,
as a gig position 48, overall is it ok :ok_hand:?

This is my gig link below,


@smshafi344 you need to work on your images and copywriting. Once you optimize your gig promote it on social media, youtube, etc so you can increase impressions and hopefully get some orders, which hopefully get you some reviews and that way you ll start to rank higher and have more people seeing your gig.

check out this article

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First of all you have to check people search it or not. Let suppose you are at the first number but people are not searching your keyword of gig. Then you did not get impressions click and view. And if people search them don’t worry fiverr will update it.