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My gig position suddenly down to last page

my response rate is = 100%
delivered on-time =95%
completion rate = 78%

now my all gigs are down to last page, I have also promoted my gigs on social media as doing previous but still my gigs on last page and I do not pick any order from last 10 days

anyone helps me please


This is the reason for your gigs going down to last page. There could be more, though, especially the private reviews (for Fiverr eyes only) Fiverr asks buyers to give.


Thanks for reply, so what can i do for rank my gigs on previous status ?


You’re welcome, @shaukatali_74.

Going back to where you once were, will take you some time (maybe a couple of months, I really can’t say). You will have to avoid cancellations as much as possible, complete more income orders and deliver them on time in order to increase your stats.

The following topic will help you with increasing your Completion Rate: Losing & Regaining Points - Order Completion Rate (OCR)


i dont think that is the reason. My stats are all 100%, ratings 5. Still all my gigs are on very last page of fiverr. For over 2 months i have been doing extra work to get all my stats as high as possible but it didnt make a difference, not even 1% difference. I believe its something else which causing so many sellers gigs to move from its current position to last page which is about close to 100th page


please increase you delivery & impression rate,than you got another order. thanks

Same here, My stats are all 100%, ratings 5. My three gigs were on the first page in November. I did a 3-4 day vacation in December,Since then the gigs have gone down and No orders are coming yet :cry:

share your gig in social media & relatives.get some order in this gig