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My gig problem!

Hi !

I am a new seller of fiverr.I joined with fiverr about too months ago.My problem is that i can not find my gig fiverr home page.I may understand that my gig can not rise in high position.For this reason,I do not get any work.One of Indian Sellers who is like me his ID name is gigblast & many of ID holders IDs are kept in high position.For this reason i want to know now no the reason why do not my ID in high position.I have a request to fiverr teem that my gig may keep in high position whit other buyers home page.I love fiverr.So i want to maintain a good relation with customer support .At last i have a request that my ID do not keep in rejecting .

Thanks !

Your concept about gigs and fiverr is completely wrong. Gigs never stay at one place. They keep changing/rotating round the clock. This why a gig never stays one place. I do understand why you are not able to see your gigs at homepage. May be it is a technical issue. You can seek help from support team. If you are a moderate designer then finding work/ order is not a matter. Furthermore, every registered member gets 10 offers regularly by which he/she can send offer to the buyers. Do you utilize these 10 offers. You can share your gigs at social media randomly. You may get positive result soon.

@prodesign12 is right. Also, @gigblast had to start just like you to earn a high ranking. He is a Top Rated Seller who brings lots of clients and funds to Fiverr. He has worked at promotion, good work, good communication, spelling, etc.

Gigblast has a great gig description, lots of work samples, and a URL in his gigs where more of his work samples can be seen. It is easy to see what kind of work
he does with all the samples.

Thanks !

Sending spam isn’t allowed.

Are you trina or jessica? If you are TRINACUENCA you made it to level 2. That’s not too bad.

sorry dear trina my best friend .

Where can I find those 10 offers ? I mean , will I be notified by Fiverr or I have to check somewhere ?

Thanks for advice

Share your profile in different social media and if you have website you can share your profile here. That will increase your traffic and will get more order and your position will automatically raise in the high position.

In the Buyer Request Section, Each registered member is allowed to send 10 Offers to The buyers Request’s.