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My Gig Rank Down Please suggest how I can rank gig again

I am a level-1 seller. I had a gig rank before I got Level-1. I used to work for new clients but after 13 days of getting to the level, I didn’t get any new clients. I want to know the reason for my gig down. And give me some tips on how I can rank gig again.


Maybe you share your GIG on many social platform! Yes, then your GIG impression automatically down because of lot of spamming.
My suggestion,
Don’t share your GIG on social Platform that’s really vey harmful for your GIG
Make a video for your GIG if possible that will be rank your GIG again but that’s optional


thank you so much for suggestion. i am never share my gigs in social media. I know that its spamming.

If you share your gig on social media then the impression and clicks will increase then gig rank.

Dear Sujondeb421,
I am never sharing my gigs on my social media. this is my real view impression and clicks

If you give a unique description and an eaycating thumbnail then the gig rank will be.

thank for you help… i am Level-1 Seller. in this gigs has 45+ review.