My Gig Rank dropped after edditing


My Gig was on first page under Intros and Animated LOGOs .I modified selling price of the GIG for Basic Pack and Standard Pack and My Rank dropped. I am unable to search my GIG.What went wrong ? How to restore the same RANK ?


it will go back after 24 hours I think after you edit.


Welcome to the new Fiverr algorithms. Better change back the price right away.


Thank you very much for your quick response.
I waited for more then 36 hours and then I have posted . I will be happy even if it is restored after 72 hours


You may want to note that rank isn’t fixed at any given time. Gigs may or may not stay in their place even if you don’t change anything. If your gig isn’t in search at all within a week you might ask Customer Support to check it, but they won’t guarantee you a rank.


Thanks for your response !
I think it would be better to change the price right away.


Respected Fonthaunt,
Thanks for reply !
Is it wrong to modify the selling price of a GIG as per Fiverr terms and Condition. I am new to the Fiverr and do not much about terms and conditions.


You may set whatever price you like unless Customer Support finds some problem. If they do they will tell you. It’s normal for a gig to be re-checked after a price change or any other change.


When you edit your gig it goes back to fiverr team and they check it like every other gigs or new gigs.
It’s best to wait 24hours like miroslavglavic said and 3days max.
You mentioned “waited for 36hours” and "it would be better to change it back"
If you change it back then you have to wait 24hour or 3days max for fiverr team to check your gig again.


Thank you for the information. I am consistently on the first page of Tech and Programming, Data Analysis & Reports, and made some edits yesterday, and was still there afterwards. So I made some more changes today, and dropped off the face of the earth. Your information allowed me to understand the process and not go into a HUGE PANIC!

I work hard on Fiverr, and find it increasingly harder and harder to manage as a seller, make money, and stay sane at the same time. I think this saved some sanity - appreciated!