My Gig rank dropped after Level 2 Rank! Any suggestions?


Hello, Fiverr!

I am just writing to let you know that after I achieve Level 2 Seller status, my gig rank was significantly dropped and I got a very small amount of orders in last few months. I have several gigs but two of them were doing very well. Here are the gigs (Just in case you want to see)

Gig 1 link

Gig 2 link

Is there something I am doing which is wrong? Can you please take a look at my gigs and suggest me something to improve my rank?

Thanks in Advance


This is the forum mate, it is not customer support.
If you have such issue, maybe you need to contact them?

If you was help with your gigs, post it in the right section, not on fiverr tips!


Thanks for your comment but I don’t think I have done something wrong. This is “Improve my gig” section. I am having some issues with my rank drop and asking some suggestions, nothing else. Let’s see if I can find some senior and experienced seller who can suggest me something.



I’ve moved your post to ‘Improve My Gig’ so you might get some more help as per @kha1ed 's kind suggestion.

Although you’ve got 5 gigs, they’re all very similar i.e. related to MailChimp. Could you offer something else that isn’t quite so niche related? You can have another 15 gigs, so lots of scope for something different.

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


Complete Your All Available Gigs
point:good conversation is key to make order


I didn’t get your point mate. I am getting less amount of messages from last few months. Any suggesions for me?


Sent you a direct message.