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My gig rank going down

I am fiverr level One seller.
My profile:
For a while my Fiverr profile Views, Impressions, social Click & Clicks going down.
What are the causes and solutions?
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It’s a bug, there are bunch of topics like yours. It’s a visual bug and will not affect your sales.

buddy this bug is affected on my sales

No, it doesn’t at it is confirmed that it is a visual bug, nothing else. Maybe you were on a downfall of real impressions and you are just unlucky for the past few days.

i face suddenly down fall in my gig ranking i face this issue for 15 days

So there you go! It is not an issue because of this bug, because this bug is not 15 days old, it is about 5 days old and it didn’t affect your sales.
I suggest updating your Gig’s Description and FAQs more frequently.

Same problem here, anyone suggests please

Now looks like this :sob: