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My gig rank is down? Whats the reason?



4 - 5 of my gig was ranking on 1st page but I noticed since last 5 days I have lost all of my gigs rank.

So can you please share your experience about this, why my gig rank down from 1st page to last page.

Actually, Before few days I got good orders but due to some health problem, I unable to deliver on time. 6 - 7 projects going late on delivery. Also I have mentioned “out of office” 3 - 4 times due to health problem.

So is this the reason behind my gigs rank down or any other reason is there?

Please share your experience friends. Really needs your help.



This is likely to be why your gig position changed.


Hi, my same problem, i hope you solve my problem. please tell me have you any solution.


The reasons you have listed are definitely why you have dropped dramatically. All you can do is make sure you deliver super fast in future and work your way up again. I’m afraid ill health or any other excuse for late delivery will not matter to Fiverr. Sorry


Thanks for your great advice.

Just wanted to know is there any chance to get 1st page gig ranking for my targeted keywords again. Before the demotion, all of my gigs were ranking even #1 for my targeted keywords.

So If I will deliver all the orders on time and do best output, can I back again. I’m very much excited to get top spot again.

Please share your experience.



I’m afraid I can’t say how long it might take to get back to page one again but I should imagine you will get there. After all you did it before.


Thanks for your suggestion and help!


Now I want to optimize my Fiverr profile to get more visitors. I want to create backlinks for all my gigs and would like to post ads on different classified and bookmarking sites to get visitors and clicks.

Can I do it? Will it be benefits for my profile ?

Or is there any restriction from fiverr to do such type of activities?

Please help!



I am facing same problem, i am not getting order . :disappointed_relieved:


Sorry but I don’t know about doing that. I should check in terms and conditions or ask Support direct


Any another are good reviews and tags for your profile or give this is the reason for your gig are down


Mine is also down but I don’t know why