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My gig rank lost after got level one badge

My gig rank lost

Hello Fiverr,
I got level one badge this week. But my gig rank lost after reached level one.
level one
What do I need to do right now? I don’t get messages from buyers also.
Really, So horrible time for me !!!


Sorry about that this might be as a result your gig isn’t getting impressions, clicks and orders but here is a little tip from me

To get more orders, impressions, clicks on your Gig, you should go high on pages,

you need to be more active online, staying online helps a lot

Create an eye catching gig base on your Niche and what you can offer

then Create a good eye catching GIG IMAGEs

after that promote your Gig on Social Platforms

and lastly visit the BUYER REQUEST SECTION and keep sending Job Proposals

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