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My gig rank not increased 😭

hello everyone, hope you all are very well.

*I’m for having some very bad experience, Actually I’m work on SEO Backlinks, but last few days my gig rank not increasing, Otherwise its Decreasing day by day, just few days ago my gig was on top, I mean “On first page”, but now my gig on 8th page, and now I doesn’t getting any Order :disappointed_relieved:. I have 65 5-star feedback on my gig, So Fiverr says every time, If my performance is good, then my gig rank automatically, but now my gig rank Decreasing, And How I say to Fiverr, how can I do more then better performance…! my On time delivery 100%, gig ratting 5-star ( total 65 ), Order compilation ratting 100%, Response time great, so how can I do more then better…? and why my gig rank Decreasing…?

So, I humbly request to my seniors, please share with me your experience, And Please give me some tips, how can I get back my position?

Stay safe from Covid-19

This is gig-1 & gig-2

Thanks & Regards

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Same issue is going on with almost every 2nd seller here now a days my own gig which used to be on page 1 has disappeared after 28 April Inbox bug issue fix and I had stopped getting any new orders as no one is able to find out my gig through search

I hope fiverr team is updating the search algorithm and apply a major uodate to fix this issue in few days

Same issue… I hope they get it fixed as soon as possible.