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My gig ranking is going down can any one help me

My gig ranking is going down of this weak.
It goes down from thousands to a few hundreds.
I don’t know why it suddenly happens.
I am working daily and giving it complete time.I don’t know the reason why the are going down.
It never happens to me.Can any one help me

Impressions, clicks and views will vary depending upon how many people are looking for your services, or visiting your gig(s). If you aren’t gaining the kind of visibility that you want on Fiverr, than perhaps now is a good time to market and promote your gig elsewhere (other than on Fiverr). You have the ability to bring in your own traffic and sales as well. Don’t expect Fiverr to be your only source of customers and sales.

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but my gig was going very good suddenly this happen in this weak

Like I said, perhaps now is a good time to start bringing in your own customers and gig traffic.

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The same thing is happening to me, and I’ve always make sure to promote my gig outside fiverr. I do a lot promotion in social networks, but despite that my statistics are not improving. I don’t know what to do either :frowning:

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Are you connected to your target customers on social media, or are you just posting gig links to your friends, and hoping they will buy from you?

Social media marketing is useless, unless you are communicating directly with those who need your services.

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Of course I share my gig on target groups. I know that is pointless to do so in groups that won’t be interested in my gig

Update your gigs and don’t worry! @jonbaas is here to help you! :smiley:


Thank you all! I hope it gets better :slight_smile:

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