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"My gig ranking is going down, help me!"

Oh no! Are you yet another person who thinks the forums are going to help you get business? Too bad, that’s not what the forums are for!

“I am on the last page please help!”
That’s probably something you did. You figure out the problem and fix it. Your whole job here is solving problems to make money. Music, “What notes will make this person smile?” Programming, “What will make this compile with no bugs?” Photo editing and art, “What does the client want me to draw?” It’s you. Your work. The whole goal of a freelancer is independence. If you can’t do it yourself and constantly need help, maybe you ought to go back to a 9 to 5.

“I’m not getting impressions” but your account is about two days old
Patience is a virtue. Roughly 1% will get an order within the first week, and if you’re here complaining, chances are, it’s not you.

My point? We can’t do anything to fix your problems. You do it. It’s your gig, your money, your work. The only thing that’s gonna happen is a redirect to another forum article you didn’t bother to read because your forum account has 15 minutes of read time on it.