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My gig ranking is quit good but I am not getting enough click or impression

Though My gig remains on the first page in the online section but not getting that much click or impression.

Please give me solutions

There are 700 sellers doing your exact service. It doesn’t matter if you are on the first page. The impact of competition is going to affect you either way.

Also, like everyone else here who asks for advice, you just say you do a task and don’t explain the value of your work for your clients. I can say I paint houses. That doesn’t mean they look nice. It doesn’t mean I do it to client’s satisfaction.

Sales is about knowing your customer and building a compelling case. Simply saying you do a task is not sales.

You do make some claims, but don’t substantiate them. No one will believe you can outrank your competitors unless you can provide proof. It’s also an irresponsible claim because you can’t do that for all competitors and it depends on many factors, not just your job. People are savvy and they know this.


Wow! I didn’t get that before. Could you please tell me how can I proof my capability to my customers because have no reviews on fiverr , I’m a new sellers here. But I have done a lot of good work in my local area.