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My gig ranking problem

Please some one advice me to how to i rank my gig

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It is the views, impressions and orders.

Side by side, SEO, gig link and title matters, so do the tags.

Use these features wisely.

I hope your gigs will be ranked soon

i don’t know how to do seo .please give me advice how to do this .any video you have ?

Please check the website and fiverr tips on the forum, you will get many.

Research the tags
Share your gig on social media
Be persistent
Keep finding new ways

Never give up Keep hustling !


  • GIG TITLE - Your gig title should have a descriptive word and the keyword of your services. Look at the gig title in the link above to see how this is done. Do you know the keyword and descriptive word that was used?
  • SEARCH TAGS - These must have the keywords that you think buyers will use to find your services. If you look at the gig given in the example, the search tags are found below the reviews.
  • GIG DESCRIPTION - You need to write your gig description like a sales letter. Let the buyer know why they should choose you. You should also use your keywords at least three times. How many times did you see me use my keywords in the gig above?
  • GIG IMAGE - This should be a royalty-free image (no copyright). You can use an image of yourself as I did in this gig and include words with your selling points and price. You should also save the gig file name with all the keywords of your service.

I hope you find these tips helpful. All the best!


Sir my profile rating 4.3% that reason i can not find any buyer request. I will try and try but can not find any way