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My gig ranks fell, orders are stopped

For the last 2 months, My gigs are gone on the last page in search of the first page. For that, there are no new orders for me for the last 2 months. I don’t know why it happens. I became a level 1 seller on the last 15 July. I contacted customer service but couldn’t get proper solutions. Is there anyone in this forum who faced the same problem or could solve this problem?


I also became level 1 seller on 15th July. After that because of one cancellation it’s totally down, although still in the first page! Did you faced any cancellation?

I didn’t face any cancellation till now.

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That’s amazing… Best of luck!

My order completion rate is ok, but the problem is having no new orders for the last 2 months and all of my gig goes to the last page for any unknown reason when I search.

Sorry I just noticed your earlier posts. I replied based on your last replay “No Cancellation”

Same issue. But every month 2 time my gig show normal then again push back to last. I do no why?
even last 5 days my gig was normal. now I see (just an hour ago) again push to last. I contacted CH many time but no solution. I think its a bug, but CH told me that is not a bug.
I really disinterested

At this moment I am not sure about the reason but as they have recently improved their system (specially Impression/View/Click part) so that, stay calm for some time and monitor the performance on regular basis + try to do some GIG promotions methods those are acceptable by Fiverr laws.

I shared my gigs on social media for promotions but no result.

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