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My gig refused to leave 3rd page and impression is decreasing Drastically as a new a seller

Hello everyone. I joined Jan this year and this will be my first time of posting in the forum.

I got my first order Jan and subsequent orders till Feb ending.

On getting to March,things ain’t going as they were before and my impression decreases each day even with the hard work I do daily by posting my gig link to social media and other sites.

For pros in the house,kindly check if there is something I am really not doing right.

In my opinion its because of coronavirus. You are offering services that relate to developing new business, not much people want to create new business in this time or invest in it. I think it’s no coincidence that your sales dropped in March. Be patient and clients will come :slight_smile: You should also create more gigs if you can.

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Thanks really… The virus has caused a lot of set backs.

I still think something is really going well.

I do send the beat of my offer but I have never received project from offers.

Over 465 offers so far but none gave me project.

I only got projects from direct contacts.

Do you use template when sending offer?


How/what is the use of template?

I only type my message to the buyer request in question and mark the necessary sections before sending each offer.

Pls,show me how to use template.

I haven’t heard about that when sending offer.

This should help:

Think of it as filling in a form or some paperwork. Like a job application. (Because, in a way, applying for a job is exactly what you’re doing when you make an offer to a Buyer Request.) Everything the business needs to know about you is there, you just have to fill in the details. In this case you just have to create your own offer template. This heavily depends on the offers you’re applying for and the gigs you offer.


I will check it out .