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My gig removed fiverr no reason

I am a new freelancher on fiverr I not understand on the fiverr rules please view my gig

If you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page you will find the rules.

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I am sure there was a good reason unless there was a misunderstanding.
What was your gig about?

Convert PSD to HTML response website

Convert PSD to HTML responsive webpage.

please re back my gig.

Please stop spamming the forum with the same topic.

Only Customer Support can help you. This is forum, we’re just sellers and buyers, and we can’t put your gig back.


ok what i do need help.

:small_red_triangle: Read the post above yours. :small_red_triangle:

Kindly mail the fiverr support team and ask them a reason to delete the GIG.

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