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My GIG REMOVED TWICE and Fiver gave me a warning. HELPP!

Hi… So I started a new gig called 'Adding 5 thoughtful and relevant comments on bog posts/ articles/ websites/ YouTube Videos"… For $5, I would comment on 5 different blog articles and so on…
The image on my gig says ’ Free comments"… is it why it was removed?

I added the same gig twice and both the gigs were denied and I got a warning from fiver as well =(

So I saw other gigs with almost the same Gig title, Gig description and so on…

Does anybody know why it was denied? What I can do about it and I’m scared to even try it again cause what if my account gets deleted? PLEASE HELPP!!
I sent Fiverr asking about it… no reply as of now!

Thanks in advance!!


It maybe because of the word ‘free’ but it’s far more likely to be because Fiverr thinks you’re offering fake reviews. If you’re being paid to comment, then you’re likely to write biased reviews - which Fiverr doesn’t allow.