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My gig search rank not show

hello dear,
my fiverr 4 gig not show search rank… please look my gig and tell me my gig problem.
thanks advance.

gig1 :
gig2 :
gig3 :
gig4 :


Have you shared your gig on your own social media?

Drive your own traffic first if you can

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dear I do provide twitter marketing service…fiverr twitter service all 20 page. I check all 20 page but I not looking my gig.

when you post this 1st gig? mention here in tipic i have visited

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please tell me my gig problem.


don’t know enough but i have same problem some one has recently tell me a gig is normally index in fiverr search with in 48 thing more while you searching your gig your internet connection should be reliable…

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my gig age 15 day over. but I’m looking not my gig search result…

Hi there @hasi6995. As an expert in social media, at least you’ve must know how to rank your own gig? How would you otherwise be able to help your clients??? Makes me wonder whether you are truly a Social Media Expert??

Also, I’ve helped you earlier, about how to improve your gig…seem you haven’t implemented anything I suggested you to do…

Now you asking us once more to help you with your gigs??? :crazy_face::thinking:

You should take notice of all the help you get, otherwise is no point asking.

Best of luck!

Warmly, Humberto