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My gig seems to have disappeared


I created a new gig yesterday. It appeared in the newest arrivals list yesterday and a part of today, but since a few hours ago it seems to have disappeared from the newest arrivals list. I even remember the gigs that mine was adjacent to, and they’re still there. Does anyone know what’s happening here? Thanks in advance.


I doubt if anyone can explain it. You can ask customer support what happened to it.


I agree with @misscrystal
Its not possible to say why your gig is not appeared there.
Fiverr is a marketplace, and its changing always, so no one can stay on the top always however he is level new,1 or 2 :blush:


Thank you! It’s appeared again.


if you have morethan one gig that time fiverr going to start promoting the newest one.
it happend with me also.
i have contacted CS and they said me it depends the fiverr systematic process.
search by the gig title you will get it.