My gig seems to of vanished? (HELP)


I created a gig a few months back and just recently started getting a lot of orders and interest from it. It got to the stage where I was getting too much work to handle at once. I’ve completed about 9 orders now all with 5 stars! I met some amazing people and made new friends from doing the gigs. It’s been such a great experience and I want to work really hard to take this up full time eventually. But I seem to be having an issue now. This past week I’ve had no messages, job offers or anything. When I search for my gig on Fiverr nothing comes up. Also if I type in “Shopify” I scrolled through about 15 pages and couldn’t find my gig anywhere. Do you know why this could be or how I could fix it?
Thank you in advance!


Experiencing the same. I am here on Fiverr for 2 years and having more than 1300 reviews…but no inquiry, no orders for last 20 days


Even if I search for my gig word for word, it doesn’t come up. I’ve contacted Fiverr support. Maybe it’s a technical issue.


Hey @declanmaltman1

The fiver system take some update that’s why your gig was not visible don’t worry it will take some time to fix it also you can contact the CS they can help you, after complete the update your gig was visible and you get a regular work as you get first but don’t miss this point you have to use the social media update, share your link in social media and also stay tuned with the fiver forum read the all topic so you can better understand. i hope this is help you.

logoflow :slight_smile:


can you link me to the forum thread that explains it please.


The search algorithm on Fiverr looks very temperamental at the moment. I think it is skewed to new users to attract more sellers, but nobody truly knows the way it works. Try adding a new gig, changing some ideas to see what difference it can make. Never stand still and hope the work will come to you.


I’ve been trying loads of different thing. I’ve changed the photos, shared it on Facebook, changed the keywords and in the middle of making a video for it.

It’s not a problem on my side. Even if I type my gig in word for word, nothing comes up. It’s not on Fiverr search at all.

My gig -


I am also facing this issue from long time still my gigs are not in search. I was on the top search results.

but now its nowhere…