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My gig service 3d renderings


So this is the reply I got from the Buyer

Before getting into the story let me explain you what kind of service I provide.
I provide label designs and also I will do 3D renderings of the product.

So this client contacted me and asked me to render her product, she already have the the label designed and she asked me to do the 3D rendering of the product. So I have sent her a custom offer and she accepted it. After 2 days I have delivered the work. This is the conversation we had after delivering the rendered Image.

Me - attached the 3D render of you product, xoxo. Thank you.

client - The label is overlapping on the logo?

Me - I am sorry, xoxo. This gig is for only 3d rendering. The label is designed in that way. If you want I can edit it for extra cost.

client - that label image, to you must not look correct? so why not use your common sense and think it looks like its overlapping.

It is hard to work with client like him/her. She should have noticed that before forwarding me that label. My job is to design the product and attach the label that she have provided onto the product.

So I have decided to cancel the order.


When you first got to know that label is not getting fit on the product you should have inform the buyer and should ask for additional work and cost politely.
Deliver incorrect product which is no use for him is absolutely unprofessional.


I have to agree with @sparx_intros.
You should have noticed it as well.


Though it’s not that the label doesn’t fit on the product, it seems that the design of the label seems to be wrong according to the OP. ie. there’s something in the label that is overlapping a logo in the image the buyer sent?

We haven’t seen it so we don’t know for sure if it looked wrong.

Buyer sent an image of a label to the seller to overlay on a 3d model. The seller did. There seems to be an issue with the label image the buyer sent (overlaps the logo in some way). If it looked incorrect the seller should have contacted the buyer. But maybe she thought it was meant to be that way (why would a buyer send an image of a label that was designed incorrectly to be placed on a 3d model?).

Also, OP says editing of the source image is not part of the gig. eg. the gig is for attaching the label image (ie. that the design of which is the responsibility of the buyer) to a 3d model (and designing a 3d model?) and rendering it and delivering that rendered image.


So I have decided to cancel the order.

Or you could have either sent an offer for the extra cost if it costs extra to edit the logo image she sent you or allowed her the option to send a revised label image to attach and then re-delivered a new render.