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My gig show on search result but orders are not given . why?

hi,my name is furqan khalid,my gigs is shown in search result but order is not given to me …tell me any solution what can i do now…

and this gig is not showing yet now…yesterday i published but i think this gig is not indexed …how can i check my gig is indexed or not ?


Most important thing: be patient

It also took me a while to get my first order! I would suggest checking out the “Tips for Sellers” category in the Fiverr Forum! There’s some really good tips and info there!


If people walk buy and see a can of soup in the supermarket, does that mean that sales of that soup are inevitable?


Visibility means literally nothing.


Because fiverr doesn’t give orders. And frankly it’s silly to expect to receive orders right away just because you created your gig. Some people never receive their orders from clients.


but order is not given to me

No one gives you orders. They buy it if they want it. That’s it.

Purchases aren’t favours from Fiverr.

if i ordered from our friend …is it helpful to get organic orders ?

no you will not. getting one order doesn’t mean that you will get other orders. and on top of that Fiverr might give you a warning if they catch you on trying to cheat the system

It takes time and effort to build a Fiverr business.

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait! for lots of ideas to start building your business.