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My gig shows "overbooked"status and can't be eited

Hello everyone. Hope you are doing fine in these times.
I have this problem. My gig got 2 orders and after that is getting Overbooked. And when i try to edit the number of orders in queue to for example 4 orders in queue it returns it to 2 and again the status is overbooked. I’ve contacted support and got no answer(
Have someone got the same glitch that i had? Thanks


Fiverr support says it’s active, when the gig is overbooked with the limit only 2 orders. Is it politics of the platform?..

Yes I have this same problem since the time they did maintenance for messages error. My gig limit is stuck at 1 as your is stuck at 2. They are not replying, their tech team have been notified with my this issue almost 36 hours ago but I am wonder that how is it possible that they are not able to fix this until now.

Yesterday I got an reply that we are working on this and will notify you when it would be corrected.

I am totally in loss. I am loosing my impressions,views and new buyers. I am loosing revenue and also my gig is affecting very bad. It is LOSE LOSE situation for me and the persons like you. I already have posted this type of post in bug category and few people commented that they are also facing this same issue.

Happiness is that, we are not alone in this situation but the bad is that, they are not fixing it nor giving us any satisfactory reply. They should also compensate us after resolving this, by seeing our previous performances.

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Thanks so much for reply. I’m hoping very much they will fix it soon

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