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My gig: smash or pass?

Hello Guys!!

Here’s a link to my first gig in the Writing Niche:

What do you think? I’ll appreciate critiques!


It’s pretty good. I hope you get your first order very soon. Best of luck.

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Thank you, Salehayat!:heart_eyes:

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10/10 Basic English. That counts! You might wanna pass the English Language as well. Anyway, I’m impressed (by the 10/10 and the gig). To maximize your chances, you could try to create a video of yourself describing the gig. I always fall for videos :slight_smile: , they really say you are indeed whom you say you are, not just someone who copied a text from somewhere (I know you didn’t, making a point). Good luck, I hope it works out for you.


You are seriously undercharging. Why would you exploit yourself like this?

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Reviews, I believe. But charging less might mean problem buyers who might not give you the reviews you hope for.


Yes, it’s a vicious circle. You attract the worse kind of buyers when you charge like this. These buyers try to get out of paying, don’t give you the information you need, ask for endless revisions, give bad reviews, etc. And these issues are additional to being underpaid for the work to begin with.

That being said, even if this wasn’t the case, we should never, ever exploit ourselves to try to get reviews.

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I agree. This is the perfect lure for those people who pray on new sellers. I have no idea what the ideal price would be for her gig, but it should probably be the medium price at least.


“Lure” is an excellent word for this. Undercharging makes people great prey for predatory sellers.


Good job!
Your 10/10 english is a lot for a buyer.
I hope you will take your offer soon.

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Thank you, @arcticdesigner!!! You’re far too kind. About my prices, I haven’t set them that way for gains such as reviews. I just didn’t want to come off as utterly overpriced but now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ll address my pricing immediately.

Well said, @humanissocial. I’ll adjust the gig accordingly and create more gigs to boost my chances. Thank you.

Thanks, @antani91. I completed my first order today. Although little, I hope for more sales.:grin:


Well done, I’m really happy for you :slight_smile:

Many buyer’s try your services out with a small order at first. Then if they are happy, they order more.

Be careful not to raise your prices too soon to scare your buyer off. Or you could also give certain buyers “special” rates. I have buyers that get extras thrown in because of the quanity of work they do with me.

How long did it take you to get your first order on Fiverr?

After 5 days I got 2 orders, one left a review, one didn’t. Since then I didn’t get any, but I didn’t send any Buyer Requests either, so I guess I should take a look at those :slight_smile: