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My gig statistic😭

Overall statistic going down…
Veiws :arrow_down:
Impressions :arrow_up:
Clicks :arrow_down:
Don’t know whats happen with my gig
Help me guys…


Do you have a video in your gigs?

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No… I will upload after completing my first project

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You’re aging as a seller, which means your gigs probably aren’t receiving as much exposure now compared to when they were brand new. It’s unlikely your gig will still be showing in the new gigs category, for example.

Don’t stress out about stats too much. There’s little you can do to influence them, especially impressions and clicks.

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Try to be more online

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if you can add Gig vedio…

share your gig in social media and always try to active in fiver and send custom offer always…

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Ok… but i am online here 24/7
All time refresh buyer request but can’t receive buyer request…

I have no any other social account like, facebook and instagram…
I can’t receive any request then, how i will send…

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Thanks… but i will upload with myself

But I think you should then rather make an account on facebook at least, as @rd_sajib gave a good advice.