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My gig statistics have changed! Help check

Hello! Help please, I don’t know if customers see my gig? The statistics show very small numbers, although before my gig was on the first page! Please check


Why dont you try changing your search tags and SEO title ?
Give it a try and wait for a week to see r…save current settings’ screenshot to revert that changes back if you see negative impact !

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I already did so, I can’t even find my gig! He was always on the 1st page, I did not have negative reviews

This happens,
Fiverr algorithm keeps changing gig position in search result and I even heard that they give a startup boost to new sellers so this may be the reason…
Although I search for your Piano gig and after applying online filter I found it in 3rd raw of first page so it seems everything is fine with your gigs…

If this happened after you changed tags and SEO title, revert it back to original but if you did it recently after the issue just wait for a week and check back !


This is about my gig Selfie Model


That gig is on second page last raw…so its in search result !

very strange, it’s good that you see him! because I can’t find it at all even on the last page

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I searched for Tag “Selfie Model” and it worked !

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you found the wrong gig!) this is a gig with my cat, but there is another - selfie model

I don’t know if it is possible to attach a link to it here

I found one you holding cat ! with 3 reviews…again one raw up now

this was changed randome and later

yes, and I can’t find another gig - for all search queries! Maybe it’s a shadow ban? Although the statistics work, there are just very few clicks

what do you mean?
explain please

This gig

Alright ! I couldn’t find that !
May be you can talk to fiverr CS with link to that gig and they can look in to matter…
I dont know if there is something like shadow ban on fiverr !

Just to grab your attention, both of your gigs ( one we are searching and one with cat ) have different gig subcategory and one with “Your message on…” is undiscovered !

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actually it changes very slowly

in a week there are 30 impressions and 6 clicks!
does it mean that customers see it?

Yes thats right !
But I tried several ways and couldn’t find that gig on any page…
can you see your gig impression of yesterday ? you got any ?

what do you mean?
My statistics