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My gig statistics have changed! Help check

when you will click on gig title here you will see a dropdown where its shown day by day ! check for 8th and 9th of August !

7 August 1 impression, 8 August 0! (August 9 is not yet in statistics

if there is 1 impression, then someone sees my gig! But you and I can’t find it by request

I would suggest you to talk to CS at this point, only they can help you and explain you better…
I couldn’t find your gig even after adding exactly same title in search box and applying several filters , that means something is not right !

yes, there is a problem for sure! I can’t find it either! Thank you very much for your help

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Please tell me if this is a shadow ban, what are the consequences? can my account be blocked?

If you are thinking that your account can get ban because your gig is not discoverable, then it wont !

There is probably a reason why the gig is hidden!
Anyway, thanks a lot for your help!

You only have four tags, and none of them is for ‘selfie’.
[your name] [text] [message] [just for fun]

I also don’t get the ‘your name’ tag. Please see (TCT) point 3: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide

Thank you so much! I changed the tag yesterday, before that there was also such a problem