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My gig stats and still NO Order [ Update ]

(updates of 24th March 2020)
I have created my this gig almost 18 days ago.
These are are my gig stats after 15 days:

impression = 1.1k clicks = 245 and views = 1.3k

In the last 7 days I received only 40 clicks. My gig stats are now falling.
I have completed 2 orders but they are indirect ( are from Facebook). I haven’t received any direct order from Fiverr.

I have sent more than 270 requests but it doesn’t worked.

I request you guys to please visit my gig and tell me what improvement should I do.

Every reply is appreciated.

(gig link)


More or less my same situation…

My last gig is in the last summer, and then, some contact but nothing happened.
I’ll do my best, create new gigs, offer more, but nothing work.

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Guys you need to show trust and professionalize your Gigs, I am a lever one seller, unfortunately lost that rank and now a no rank seller. However do have a lot of experience with the buyers

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This is true, i am also a level one…

But i don’t understand, i do many gigs, always with a good feedback, always with good communication with the customers, but in this period it seems to drive customers away…

Two or three of the last messages are from fake accounts, and it’s a bad thing, you say it shouldn’t happen, but unfortunately nothing can be done…

So, i’ll try to do my best, maybe this period change… who knows?

Yeah…I can feel yiou.

i understand you the same here.
I visited your gig, though i have little experience on fiveer, i think you are mentioning a lot of details in the part of ABOUT THE GIGS.
i suggest that you mention only the strong points that distinguish your work from others.
i hope this will help

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I try to bring attention to important details.

Thanks for the tip

Six and twenty-three.
You still have unlimited revisions.

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Yeah Sure it will help.

Check this out!

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Thanks @brenna_n I have checked it out,

anyone else an help???

anyone here who can review my gig?

May I ask:
Why do you want to offer unlimited revisions?

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Because buyer satisfaction is my top priority.

Hi dear! I received 4 orders in the first 6 days my gigs are but I keep working on my gigs to improve descriptions, change pictures for better ones. Keep adjusting them and making them better (I hope) to fill the needs of what people are really looking for. I am now working on some videos to add to my gigs.
Keep working and keep the faith!!!

The suggestions and help from the people on this forum and from flivver has been very useful on marketing and improving gigs.

Thanks for your suggestions. I have already added a gig video. I want some experience person to point out my mistakes in gig.

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What does customer satisfaction have to do with unlimited revisions?

Is it worth working on the same order for months? Putting hundreds of additional hours of work into a $5 logo? Because that is what you’re risking. Unlimited means forever. I’m sure you know what cancellation can do to a profile, because that’s the only way out.

I have a believe on my work and I am sure that no one is gonna ask for revisions forever.
On my second order the client asked for 3 revisions and then he accepted the order.

I have a myth in my mind that may be offering the unlimited revision will bring clients… :expressionless: