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My gig stats and still NO Order [ Update ]

Yes I am new too. That would be really great and helpful!

I think is a very good positive attitude!!

yeah. lets see …

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Cases of reported unlimited revisions offers that were abused:

I can find more examples, if you like.
You have no statement in place that defines what you count as a revision, and even if you do , this doesn’t guarantee customer support will side with you, if you happen to encounter a scammer.


definitely it is a great platform to learn from :+1:


Yeah you are Right but you don,t think that offering unlimited revisions will help a newbie to get some sells.

You said you once needed to give 3 revisions to a client, correct? Therefore, in your experience, you would never have needed to offer more than 3. The highest number available in the drop-down is 9, which would have also covered that 3-revision client.

As for newbies using it, I’m going to assume you haven’t actually read the thread brenna_n linked above, or you would know my option on just ‘who’ this attracts.

okay, I will gather information about revisions and then will set number of revisions to offer.