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My gig stats are dropping

I observed that my gig stats on my best selling gig are dropping, even when i managed to put the gig on page 1 in relevance search

And what are you asking us to do about this?

I dont know what seem to be the cause. I am sharing my gig link everyday. i hardly get chats

Same problem here for one of my gig.
Average orders before january : 3 or 4 per month
After january : 1 order (for the period, not per month!).

It’s a niche gig and when I search other similar gigs, there is only 1 page of results. So, it’s really easy to see that my gig has completely vanished!
I am 100% sure that there is a problem somewhere, but where ???

I will send a message to CS. You should also send a message with a copy of your stats.

same here, Thats just How fiverr’s algorithm works i guess

Use these tools,

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I have just received an answer from CS. They say that the Editorial Department reviewed my request and now my gig is active and available on the platform.

Why this gig was not active and not available ? No explanation…

Do not hesitate to send a message to CS if you see that your gig has completely disappeared from the search results!


where can i see this chat. I am looking for it

Mate, you are on a wrong platform. This is Fiverr not Facebook.

I am serious, i cant find gig performance chat. you can help me here. where do i find it. I have checked analytics and still didnt see it

I mean CHART. How do i go about it. i want to see the graph

Click on Selling > Gigs (top menu)
Then click on the name of one of your gigs.
Then scroll down.

There are dropdown buttons to change the period or chose what you want to see (views, impressions…).

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