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My gig stats...I need Help..!

Hello Fiverr Family:

I have created my this gig about 13 days ago.
These are my gig stats of all time :

But now my gig stats are falling.
These are my gig stats of last 7 days :

These are my impressions and clicks chart of All time :

All the 3 orders I received are from Facebook ( not direct order).

I request you guys to please give mr your just 1 min and visit my gig and tell me what’s wrong with my gig…How can I improve it… What improvement do I need?

Every Review is appreciated. Thanks

(gig link)

can anyone help please.

I already did, and this if the fifth of your “Improve My Gig” threads I’ve responded to and the 22nd thread you’ve created in this category. Constantly linking your gigs here in the forums isn’t helping you, because any clicks generated are for sake of evaluation, and will not lead to orders. I’m not going to reevaluate until the suggestions I’ve already made have been addressed, either by implementing changes, or explaining why you don’t want to. If you’re intentionally ignoring advice, then these threads are nothing but spam.


I haven,t post it for clicks.
After last time I posted about improvement of this gig, I have done some major changes in my gig. Therefore I am asking for community to help me if they can.

Thanks for your comment but I didn’t forced you to do it. If you don’t want to give me suggestions, its Okay you can ignore it.


If you already have a thread, you can post in it and say “I’ve updated.” You’ve probably already noticed you get a lot of repeat advice. I don’t know anyone who likes being told to do something that they already know to do. Staying in the same thread shows what you’ve already made progress on, and cuts down on that echo.


okay I will do it from now.

can anyone help me???

I would recommend you change your gig’s keywords because the ones you are using are not used by people searching for services, use some active and popular keywords. You can find them by checking out gigs of other sellers on top.

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thanks you @nadia_younus, I wil.