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My gig stats is declining and no order is coming.Please help

Hello Fiverrian

Initially my gigs worked well, i got two orders but afterwards my gigs are towards declining. Please suggest what to do?


Hey, same thing is happening to me, i used to have 2 or 3 orders per day and now i get one order per 3 days and my stats are sometimes red sometimes green, what i did is that i changed the keywords almost similar but not the same as the sellers wo are on first ranks, i also changed thumbnails and i use buyer requests daily, once i get an order, i finish it in the first day and deliver it so my stats go up again.

My advice is to do what i did for now and just be patient, sometimes fiverr gives the opportunity to new sellers to get their first orders, just be patient and you’ll be on track again :slight_smile:

I am really obliged that you have written me detail. You at least is getting orders but my frequency is zero. The same i did, changed the tags similar to the best sellers but of no use. You are absolutely when get an order then stats started inclining. Buyers request are getting less…My approach is as according to you but the difference is of order that al least you are successful to get them. I am praying and getting worried now. If you could recommend any of the buyer

Hi Dear Munaza, I visited your profile. I am pleased to realize that you got right talent and doing serious efforts to provide something new to business world. Actually fiverr alogrithm is diversified. It keeps changing itself rapidly. At a moment your gig appears on the first page and next moment you’ll be thrown to the last. Well in this period of recession, best option is to change the key words/tags accordingly and the most important advice, make new gigs. Avail all your numbers of gigs you can make. Good Luck Munaza

Soban Ali Shah
Brand Developer

Waooo soban you are an intelligent guy. Really i was just thinking to make a new gig for my revival. Really grateful for such a nice advice but if you could recommend others my gigs to those are in buying condition then it would be a great favour. I am striving to achieve some level and trying to understand the fiverr Algo. But in parallel i feel that seniors are in position that they help to resolve this problem by their own. That was the reason of being writing on this forum. Thanks once again

Hi soban
This was one time favour…but thanks for giving me contact number …

Really thankful to have experienced person in my list